Hui Kam Leung

I'M Hui Kam Leung, KL(David)

Hi, I am KL
a enthusiastic
Software Engineer

Hi, I am KL, a highly efficient, hardworking and talented software engineer. I care about coding-style and design patterns. I am enthusiastic to deliver high quailty code.

I am a quick learner and I have strong problem solving skills. I keep learning the best practice of coding style to write maintainable and readablable code.

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My Skills


App Development

I use Swift to build iOS app and I created a Swift library to speed up the development progress. I also use React Native to build hybird application.


Backend Developemnt

I use Node.js and Python to build backend services. Familiar with RESTful structure as well as datebases. My favourite backend framework is Django.



I use Django / React / Vue to build web applcation.


Data Structure and Algorithm

One of my hobbies is solving programming challenges. My aim is to win an award in ACM.



I am experienced in hacking and solving CTF challenges. I won the first runner-up in PwC Hackaday 2018.



IoT (Bluetooth, WiFi, communcation, MQTT).

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work experience

My Experience

  • May 2018 - Now

    Mobile Application Developer (Innopage)

    Focused on developing iOS applications (Foodbulous, 雲滙, Toudays, BabyDating, Bluecross). Worked closely with clients, designers and other programmers

    Experienced in backend development. Build APIs & create database

    Built generic code to speed up the development progress

  • Jun 2016 – Dec 2018

    CityU Apps Lab / STEM organizations

    Taught more than 1000 students programming / STEM course such as Java, C++, data structure and algorithm

    Developed mobile, backend and web application.

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