Hui Kam Leung

I'M Hui Kam Leung, KL(David)

Hi, I am KL
a enthusiastic
Software Engineer

Hi, I am KL, a highly efficient, hardworking and talented software engineer. I care about coding-style and design patterns. I am enthusiastic to deliver high quailty code.

I am a quick learner and I have strong problem solving skills. I keep learning the best practice of coding style to write maintainable and readablable code.

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My Skills


App Development

I use Swift to build iOS app and I created a Swift library to speed up the development progress. I also use React Native to build hybird application.


Backend Developemnt

I use Node.js and Python to build backend services. Familiar with RESTful structure as well as datebases. My favourite backend framework is Django.


Data Structure and Algorithm

One of my hobbies is solving programming challenges. My aim is to win an award in ACM.



As an Electronic Engineering student, I also experienced in IoT (Bluetooth, WiFi, communcation, MQTT).



I use React / Vue / Bootstrap / Django to build web applcation.



I am interest in hacking and solving CTF challenges. I won the first runner-up in PwC Hackaday 2018.

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work experience

My Experience

  • May 2018 - Now

    Mobile Application Developer (Innopage)

    Focused on developing iOS applications (Foodbulous, 雲滙, Toudays, BabyDating, Blue cross). Worked closely with clients, designers and other programmers

    Built generic code to speed up the development progress

    Experienced in backend development. Developing APIs and defining the structure.

  • Jun 2016 – Dec 2018

    CityU Apps Lab / STEM organizations

    Taught more than 1000 students programming / STEM course such as Java, C++, data structure and algorithm

    Developed mobile, backend and web application.

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